Altr Master Kit

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  • $125.00
Skin Tone
Hair Colour

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Key Features:

  • Protect, moisturise, and soften skin with Altr's skincare combo, leaving skin smelling as incredible as it feels, and stop blemishes at the root.
  • Our Blemish Combo helps naturally and undetectably conceal spots, dark circles, and brighten appearance.
  • Then finish with Altr Beard & Brow to fill, tame, and define facial hair.
  • All Altr products are cruelty free and made in the UK too with recyclable packaging, so your conscience can feel as great as your skin!  

What's inside?

1x Face Wash 

1x Moisturiser

1x Blemish Balm

1x Face Fix

1x Altr Blender

1x Altr Beard & Brow

Full Description:

The go-to kit for skin that looks and feels incredible. 

Our Premium Face Wash and Moisturiser combo will leave your skin silky smooth, with active ingredients to help rid skin of impurities, stopping blemishes at the root.

Our male concealer Face Fix and tinted moisturiser Blemish Balm help to conceal any spots, redness, or dark circles in the mean time, while our matte bronzing gel provides a healthy, tanned finish! Our unique Altr Blender guarantees easy application with its moulded design. Use our Beard&Brow Tamer to fill, shape, and volumize facial hair, then remove products at the end of the day using our Altr Face Pads!

All products are designed with our Supreme Blend test, guaranteeing easy application in minutes. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
manuel castellanos
good product..

I got yesturday ,still must try it,thanks...

Cory Van Sciver
Amazing Products

Would definitely recommend! Amazing and simple to use. Great coverage. No awkward unpleasant odor and doesn’t leave your face feeling oily or shiny. Love it and will buy again!

Youly El Hnoud
Great but

The products are great and there’s high quality but unfortunately one of them just doesn’t work with my skin tone so

Jeff Johnston
It would be nice...

if there was some literature to accompany this merchandise. As one who has never used/worn make-up of any sort, it would be helpful to know what each item is for, how to apply, the order of application, etc. As of now, it is simply sitting on the counter in the bathroom, unused and unhelpful.

Christopher Hannan
Excellent product