The Altr Ego

  •   When I founded Altr, I began with the vision that somewhere in the near future, ‘soft’ makeup for men such as concealer for men and tinted moisturiser, would become every day, every guy, types of products.  2 years ago, we commissioned a survey with One Poll about men wearing cosmetics in the... View Post
  •   Now that masks are compulsory when we go into shops and confined spaces in the UK and in many other parts of the world, it is time to rethink our skincare routines. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our make-up routines, however, there are a few tweaks that are necessary t... View Post
  • FIRST STEP, BLEMISH BALM Smooth base to start With Aloe Vera x200, our tinted moisturiser for men soothes blemishes whilst reducing appearance of redness. Apply using clean fingers or a damp blender. Blend across entire face for an even finish. Blemish Balm can be worn alone or be a base f... View Post