London - Innovative men’s skincare and makeup brand Altr London has launched in B8ta stores across the US this week. 

Altr London is the UK’s best-selling mens makeup brand with over 50’000 milennial and Gen Z customers and expanded into the US market earlier this year via the US exclusive site  

B8ta, who are part-owned by Macy’s, are a retailer of innovative products across categories from technology to fashion.

 Altr will be launching their two most popular products, Face Fix and Blemish Balm, at B8ta locations in Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, the Mall of America, Palo Alto, Seattle, and Virginia.

 Face Fix is Altr’s best-selling male concealer, helping men to cover dark eye circles, acne and blemishes while also containing ingredients to help improve the skin long-term such as supreme china clay. 

Blemish Balm meanwhile is a tinted moisturizer containing ingredients such as Avocado Oil that helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin, while simultaneously concealing redness, and brightening appearance, providing the skin with a healthy glow.